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Gode Sjørøveranmeldelser.

Broadwayworld var på Oslopremieren!

"Skatten på Sjørøverøya" spilles på Chateau Neuf søndager i mars. Billetter på Ticketmaster.no eller her.

Broadwayworld var på Oslopremieren og ga forestillingen meget gode skussmål.

"This show's true power lays in its the cast. There is no shortage of talent in Østfold. The acting and singing is great."

"Malin Schavenius as MRS. Trelawney is a pleasing addition to the story. I have a great memory when it comes to musical theatre so I remember seing her in the original cast of "Annie" and didn't she also play Beth in "Oliver" at this theatre 30 years ago? How time flies! Her voice is great and she has great comic timing and is both brave and a blabbermouth (as was the original character)."

Les hele anmeldelsen her.


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